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Title LS Trader - Long and short term trading
Author Robert Stewart
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Introduction The LS Trader System is a financial spread betting system that has made on average 150% profit per year for the last 25 years.Trading expert Robert Stewart will email you weekly and show you how to only spend 15 minutes per week making your trades, and then sit back and monitor your profitable trades from financial spread betting.



Some of the key points have been reviewed below....


Content:  Is it well written / easy to understand?
I've been receiving Robert's weekly emails for a few weeks now, and all I can say is that he is very detailed in his weekly summary. Robert goes into detail about why he is making specific trades, which way he expects the current trades to go, and lots of detailed information about current markets, trends etc.  For someone who is not an expert in these areas, I found it very helpful to gain an insight into why Robert is advising certain trades.

Saying that though, you do not need any expertise in financial markets, you can ignore the detailed analysis that Robert provides, and just place the trades that he advises.

The downloadable guides in the members area are also very helpful to anyone new to financial spread betting.

Ease of use:
You need only spend 15 minutes per week making your trades, as advised by the weekly summary email. Some weeks there will be no new trades to put on, but maybe an adjustment of stop/loss. Robert's excellent customer service means that if you have any trouble understanding any of the technical jargon, or how to place and monitor your spread bets, you just need to email him and he will answer any question very quickly.

When you get your login details to the main web site, there are plenty of guides there to help you as well.

Value for money
This is I feel where a lot of betting/trading systems falter, but with LS Trader it is one of its strongest areas. Sure, you pay a premium every month, but the information and advice given is solid gold. They say that "you get what you pay for", and with LS Trader that means that you pay for and get quality information every time Robert sends out his email advice. Simply put, the trading information sent out does not get any better than this by any other service!
Has it made money?
I personally have just been following results for a few weeks, and have been blown away by the consistency of Robert's profitable trades. I'll take an extract from each of the week's email below, so you can get an idea of the sort of results that we are getting.

Week comm. 03/11/08 - "There are also no market rollovers this week but we are adjusting stops on several positions. This is the first time in a few weeks that we have had no new trades to enter. This is primarily because we are already in 37 out of the 43 markets we trade and none of the 6 remaining positions are given an entry signal at the moment."

Week comm. 10/11/08 -  "This week there are 2 new trades to enter. There are 3 market rollovers this week and we are adjusting stops on several positions. Some trends have finally come to an end as we exited XXXXX. This has been a huge trade for us since we first entered the trade back on the 11th August. We also banked some nice profits from our XXXXX trade but took a small loss on XXXXX."

"The LS Trader System has had another good week and the gains for the year are back up to 1111% from January 1st 2008. This is just off the equity highs set for the year 2 weeks ago. During the past week we exited 2 trades as their trends had come to an end, at least in the short term. Both of these trades banked excellent profits for us. This week we are entering 2 new trades which are XXXXX and XXXXX. Currently the LS Trader system is in 34 trades and 32 of them are in profit, with 2 of them currently showing small losses. We are in the very strong position of having our stops placed in such a way that no matter what happens now, 26 out of our 34 trades will be exited with profits. Some of the trends we are in may be drawing to a close soon as I am starting to see signs of that in the charts, but others may still have a fair way to run, so we will leave the trades open until we get exit signals."

12/11/08 midweek update - "I have attached a screenshot as of 23/10/08. The account is sitting on just over £72,000 in profits. We also withdrew £8,000 to our bank account on the 22nd October 2008. That means we are on £72,000 with total profits withdrawn of £41,500, totalling the entire amount of £113,500 in around 1 year, starting from an initial £10,000. That is £100,000 profit in 1 year of trading the system."

Week comm. 17/11/08 - "This week there are 2 new trades to enter. There are 11 market rollovers this week and we are adjusting stops on several positions. We have banked some excellent profits again this week from the rollovers of XXXXX, XXXXX and XXXXX. The XXXXX trade in particular has been exceptional, as we banked 3225 points from this trade alone since we entered short on the 14th July. "

Week comm. 24/11/08 - "As written above, The LS Trader financial spread betting system is now up 1482.1% for the year from the 1st January 2008. Currently the system is in 37 trades and only 2 of those 37 trades are currently showing a loss (rollover trades included). This is an amazingly high win rate.
This past week saw us bank huge profits from 10 rollover trades, which were all profitable, but we did exit 1 trade with a loss. In total from all of these rollovers we banked an amazing 17,537 financial spread betting points (or pips as they are sometimes called). One trade in particular, our short XXXXX trade, banked 11,308 spread betting points which in spread betting terms is the most points banked from a single trade this year. Amazingly, those points were generated in only a few weeks, since we first went short on the 6th XXXXber.
We also banked large profits from numerous other commodity markets as we continue to take advantage of the current bear phase in the commodity markets. In terms of LS Trader system the total number of financial spread betting points profit generated this year is 61,599.75. I doubt if there is another financial trading service anywhere that has produced returns anywhere near that. This week we are entering 1 new trade which is XXXXX"


Web page / sales letter / graphics
Frankly, with the results that Robert has provided me with, the web page sells itself really!  It is well laid out though, and impressively written, and has not got  the usual over the top pushy feel that many sales pages seem to have all the time! Robert has provided screenshots of his trading account, and also extracts from email testimonials from some of his happy clients.

He then follows with some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) which further help the potential investor make a decision as to whether to proceed.  Overall, it is a great sales letter, not too pushy, and it even gives a guide as to how much starting capital (betting bank) is recommended as a minimum.

Affiliate materials
For those of you who think they might want to recommend Robert's service to some friends (you can earn 20% of each monthly subscription that you recommend), or to other like-minded contacts on your email list, then your affiliate link comes automatically if you are a member of Robert's service ,and if you do not want to join the service, then just email Robert to ask for more details about becoming an affiliate.
Support / customer service
I can only give this 5 out of 5, Robert has always responded to my email queries within 24 hours, often within only a couple of hours. Also his knowledge seems limitless on his specialist subject - probably the reason why the profits this year have been so remarkable!
Ordering process
Ordering is simple through Paypal, and you don't even need a Paypal account to make payments.  Click to order, fill in your details and you're done - very simple.
Summary / overall rating
I've been following Robert's LS Trader advice for a few weeks now, just paper trading, and the results speak for themselves!  They are just incredible, LS Trader just keeps going from strength to strength.

Robert has even informed me that he expects to make similar amazing returns right through the current economic crisis, and when things start to pick up again, this is another fantastic opportunity to clean up!

I'll leave you with a quote direct from Robert about his current subscribers - "95% who sign up never leave!"  Now, that on its own speaks for itself - LS Trader is so successful that a very small minority of people leave the service, and I suspect those that did leave just went through a small sticky patch.  You must remember that this service is aimed at the long term, do not expect quick and easy profits, you're in it for the long haul!

With that, I'll just leave it up to you to click on over to the LS Trader web site to see if this fantastic opportunity is for you - remember, you have to speculate to accumulate, and this is the real deal - get in while you still can!


Steve Ashley


Click here to visit the LS Trader web site


Now, I know some of you might be skeptical, and that is right, so Robert has also provided for you an extensive list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) specifically aimed at sports betting enthusiasts. If you have any qualms or queries about LS Trader, then hopefully these will be answered below..



What basically is Spread Betting?

Spread betting is basically predicting whether you think a share (or index, commodity or other market) will go up or down. It is a tax free (in the United Kingdom), cost effective alternative to traditional share trading. You can either sell or buy the share. The difference between the two prices is known as the spread. If you think that a share will go up you will sell it, i.e. go in a short position and you will buy it back at the higher price. If you think that a share will fall, you will buy it, i.e. go in a long position and sell it at a lower price.

What are the advantages to spread betting over betting on horses? (long term opposed to daily)

In order to bet with the horses, most punters typically use Betfair. I think around 95% of all punters will lose money with traditional betting. Betfair has also stated a new policy in which they are taxing the most profitable winners 20% of their winnings, and it will go to Betfair (I have used Betfairís trading website Ė so I am aware of their strict policy).

With betting on the horses, it is left to chance. Unexpected events can occur, a favourite can be overturned, gambles can be landed, and no matter your skill you traditionally lose in the long term. How many horse racing tipsters make a steady constant and yet profitable income?

As with many betting systems, the likelihood is that you can lose your entire bank quite easily. This is where spread betting systems are very different.

With spread betting, all the gains are 100% tax free and the Indexís (just like the bookmakers in the betting world) do not take any percentage of your profits. You can set stop losses so that you know the maximum you can lose per trade, so you always know the maximum you can lose. There is no stamp duty or capital gains tax which is normally applicable on normal trading. A massive advantage is that there is no liquidity factor, your bets do not need to be matched. As long as you use a reputable index, you will always be able to get your trades on, no matter your account balance. There is also No Broker Fees, No Annual Charges & No Commissions Fees. You can trade in a wide variety of markets.

You can see all other advantages here:

Can returns out perform traditional sports betting?

Of course, the returns will always exceed sports betting. With sports betting, there is not 1 single service out there that offers constantly annual gains. The tipsters out there will have amazing months, for example you could make 50% in a month and think at this level I could make 600% per annum, but you will get a month where the profits are wiped out.

I do not claim to make silly annual gains, I state that you should expect a minimum of 150% per annum with my system. The actual annual average is 180%, but I say 150% to be slightly cautious. You will also notice that in 1987, we made 1200% profit in 1 single year with the downfall of the economy. This pattern has occurred this year, with profits of over 1400% achieved in line with the recession.

My system will perform on an annual basis, and I make no claims to make monthly profit. When members sign up, they do understand they will not make month on month profit as I state this very clearly in my sales letter. I am very honest, and that is what members like I feel.

Why is now a good time to be involved?

With the economy how it is, it makes it the optimal time to be investing in my system. As with 1987, we saw the downfall of the economy in line with a record achieving year with profits in excess of 1200%. This year again we have seen a recession and profits of 1400% already. With the forecasts of a depression, and then going back to a recession on the books, it means that we should be able to take advantage of the market conditions and ride the trends and make phenomenal gains.

How does the system work?

We basically identify market trends and we ride out this trend. My system works out when this trend is likely to happen, and calculates the best time to enter the trade. We set a stop loss with every trade so when it moves a certain number of points from the entry price, we will automatically exit out of the market. Your bank balance will determine your portfolio group, and that in turns tells you the maximum risk per trade. The system has been backtested using the trades that we would have gone into for 26 years. The system has in fact made over 170% profit year on year in these years. The best performing year was 1987 which showed profits in excess of 1200%. This year however the system is going crazy, and has already made in excess of the 1400%. The system has physically been tested from 2006 to now. I have listed 2007 results and 2008 on my site.

The system uses 44 markets, and we are planning to add one more market to make it 45. You need 44 markets for the system to work, you need this diversification for maximum profitability. If we had a small portfolio which was focused, it would mean that there would be too much risk on certain sectors in the market.

The system in my opinion is open to everyone. For the serious traders, they will never have used anything like this before, and they will want to use. The system would also be open to business opportunists as well, after all, everyone wants to make money and my system does that. I do not shy around with facts and figures, everything I state is factual and you can see from my homepage that I give pure genuine print screens of my own account to prove it.

The system works by giving weekly signals. There is obviously no way that I will ever divulge my strategy, or teach anyone the mathematics behind the system. The system is obviously spread betting, which means all the markets

The returns for the last 10 years are as follows:

1998: 411.2%
1999: 55.1%
2000: 156.2%
2001: 116.6%
2002: 229.2%
2003: 334.7%
2004: 86.7%
2005: 21.2%
2006: 155.0%
2007: 116.74%
2008: 1400% (so far)

What are the advantage of your system?

Zero start up costs (assuming that you have a PC and an internet connection!)
No expensive seminars to attend (Most people charge around £3000 per person for these). I donít give seminars as I do all the work for you. All you have to do is copy my trades.
You donít have to study company accounts or read crop reports. You donít even need to read a newspaper or watch the television!
No books to read or courses to study
Using this system takes about 15 minutes per week
You donít need to sit in front of a computer screen for 8 hours a day. In fact Iíll show you how watching the screen all day is the quickest way to lose money!
Itís 100% tax free. Under current UK law, spread betting is tax free
You can do this from anywhere in the world. You can even do this from your mobile phone!
You can test the system out on a virtual account so that you can be sure itís for you and not risk a single penny to find out.
You donít have to sell any products to anyone, ever!
You donít have to speak to anyone on the phone. In fact you donít even need to ever meet anybody to do this!
You donít have to be a genius to do this. In fact a 10 year old could be taught to do this!
You donít need any expensive software. The only software you need will be given to you for free when you sign up to my service!
You donít need to subscribe to any data vendors for data.
You donít need to give up your job to do this although you probably will once the money starts rolling in!
You will get unlimited email support in case you donít understand anything and need some help. Or even if you just want some general trading advice. Your trading success is my goal and Iím happy to help.

How will the recent financial instability affect this system?

Actually, the LS Trader system can make money in any climate as we are not limited to buying markets, we often sell markets to go down. Short selling is where you open a position by selling a market (essentially borrowing from that market) and then buying back at a later date, hopefully at a lower price. Your profit is the difference between your original sell short price and the price you buy back at multiplied by your stake.

We are currently (at the time of writing) in some very profitable short positions on the world's stock markets. The more the markets go down, the more profit we make.

What are some of the huge moves that your system has caught recently?

In 2008 there have been some huge trends and some massive profits. The profit percentage at the moment is just above 350%, so if you started this year with £20,000 your investment would now be worth £90,000. The biggest trade this year has been with Heating Oil, which has made 74.3% of our annual profit. Other big movers include Rough Rice (65.3%), Crude Oil (35.6%) and No Lead Gas (35.1%). To put this into perspective - with a balance of £10,000, our recommended risk per trade would be £600 (3%), so from a £600 investment, you would make £14,860!

How much money can I make?

This will obviously depend on how much money you start up with, however as a rough guide, members can typically expect to make approximately 100% profit per year (on average). The current average since January 2002 is up at 135% (updated August 2008). So if you started in 2002 with a £10,000 initial investment, the cumulative returns would be a staggering £2,055,221!

Does spread betting count as gambling?

No! Our system has a long term profit expectation and as such we have an edge. This means that over a sustained period of time, we know that our system will be profitable. This is done by limiting our losses but maximising our gains. Gambling on the other hand is more about luck and hoping that a certain event will occur, however with no Ďedgeí.

What costs will I have to pay?

These can be categorised into 2 groups:
- Initial start-up costs: the cost of running a PC and having an internet connection.
- Running costs: the cost of your subscription to our service. Opening a trading account with an online broker is almost invariably free and there is a selection of brokers to choose from. We also provide our free software when you purchase our system.

Do I need to quit my job and do this full-time?

No! As a rough guide, 15 minutes per week on this system will be sufficient. Trading firms even allow you to pre-program them to open your trades when the markets open if you are unavailable and cannot place the trade yourself.

I have no prior knowledge of trading Ė how hard will it be?

Essentially we do all the leg-work and research and simply provide you with the information. As such the level of knowledge required by members is zero. It really is that easy!

Where can I follow this system from?

Anywhere! So long as you have a PC and an internet connection you can follow the system.

How much money is an appropriate starting amount?

Personally, we recommend a minimum of £3,000.

Could I lose my entire original stake on a trade?

Yes, in some exceptional circumstances the market can gap through your protective stop. This does not happen very often and it does not affect this system very often at all as we use quite wide stops. This is more of a problem for day traders and people who use tight stops.

Can I still follow the system if I am not based in the UK?

Yes! However you should note that spread betting is not tax free in all countries and you should be sure to check the legal status of spread betting in the country you are resident in.

What markets do you cover?

Currently we trade 44 markets including commodities such as Gold, Silver, Corn, Wheat etc. as well as trading major worldwide currencies. Furthermore the leading stock indexes from around the world as well as interest rate futures and government bonds are also traded

How will I calculate how much to stake on each trade?

More detailed information will be provided on sign up. Put simply, we provide a specialist Bet Size Calculator which calculates the stake for you based on your total account balance.

Will I be making trades on a daily basis?

This will fluctuate according to some factors including the market conditions, volatility, the structure and size of your account. On average we make around 5 trades a week, although there will vary on a weekly basis, but average out to around 250 trades per year.

What if I donít understand something?

Should you have any problems then you can simply contact us for support.

Can I cancel?

Yes! You can cancel at any time as a paid member. If you choose not to cancel during this period you will automatically be billed via PayPal for our monthly subscription rate. You'll be pleased to know though that over 95% of people who subscribe, have yet to cancel, they are thrilled with the profits they are making!

Can you show me what profits have been made in 2008?

Certainly - below is a table with various starting balances, and their positions as at Mid-November 2008

Portfolio Name Starting Balance Profits from positions Total Profit Percentage
    Closed Open   Profit
Portfolio A £3,000 £9,561.03 £16,996.26 £26,557.29 885.24%
Portfolio B £7,000 £17,315.35 £62,216.17 £79,531.52 1136.16%
Portfolio C £12,000 £47,409.87 £109,321.64 £156,731.51 1306.10%
Portfolio D £17,000 £58,055.78 £174,924.03 £232,979.81 1370.47%
Portfolio E £25,000 £86,326.83 £257,138.32 £343,465.15 1373.86%
Portfolio F £40,000 £139,495.74 £411,930.50 £551,426.24 1378.57%
Portfolio G £55,000 £227,123.05 £569,304.24 £796,427.29 1448.05%


I think you'll agree that the LS Trader system is performing exceptionally well, as it has historically over the years.

I fully recommend this system, and urge you to visit the LS Trader web site before Robert thinks about raising the monthly subscription!

Click here to visit the LS Trader web site


Best Regards,

Steve Ashley